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Welcome to the Resource Page for "Lingua Latina et Graeca". This page contains an archive-list of all the podcasts that have appeared on, ordered according to their sources. Right clicking on the relevant mp3 file will allow you to download that file directly from the site.


This site is mainly a legacy site for files I recorded several years ago

Details of any new work well be found on my main blog Compliant Subversity. I have also started a second blog which contains both short diary entries in Latin, as well as uploads of things I am working on in Greek and Latin, which can be found at cotidie

This page will continue to remain here so that if you want any of these things, they don't disappear.

"A Greek Boy at Home" files containing readings from a graded continuous reader written by W.H.D. Rouse, and published in 1909 (as far as I can establish). These files were originally prepared for a podcast site. A scanned .pdf file of this text, and the vocabulary is available:
A Greek Boy at Home
Vocabulary for A Greek Boy at Home

I am not entirely sure how much these map the readings.

File 1
File 2
File 3
File 4
File 5
File 6
File 7

"Greek via Kendrick" files contain lessons from Asahel C. Kendrick's 'Greek Ollendorf' from 1851. You can download this book from Google Books, either by searching for "Greek Ollendorf Kendrick", or by following this link

These files are not currently available. Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 1
Greek Via Kendrick Lessons 2 & 3
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 4
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 5
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 6
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 7
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 8
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 9
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 10
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 11
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 12
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 13
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 14
Greek Via Kendrick Lesson 15

"Intensive Oral Latin" files are another resource I am experimenting with. They are based quite derivatively from the FSI language courses, and consist of a series of oral drills in Latin. I recommend looking at the accompanying lesson-transcripts, as there is no English on the recording, and then listening through again without the English.

These files are not currently available. I will repost them shortly
Intensive Oral Latin Unit 1: PDF Document Version 1.2, Revised 14th Sept 2007

Intensive Oral Latin: Introduction and Orientation
Intensive Oral Latin Unit 1: Part 1 Basic Sentences (1.2)
Intensive Oral Latin Unit 1: Part 2 Substitution Drill (1.2)
Intensive Oral Latin Unit 1: Part 3 Variation Drill (1.2)
Intensive Oral Latin Unit 1: Part 4 Translation, Response, and Conversation Drill (1.2)

Unit 2 In progress.

"Greek and English Dialogues" is a series of 25 dialogues of conversational Greek published in 1875 by John Stuart Blackie. I will be posting a copy of the dialogue-transcripts shortly.

These files are not currently available. I will repost them shortly
Preface to Blackie's Dialogues
Dialogue 1

"Puer Romanus" is a Graded Reader for Latin, designed for the Direct Method. It was published in 1913, written by R.B. Appleton.
The text is available for Download here: Puer Romanus

These files are not currently available. I will repost them shortly
Reading 1: Ego et vita mea.p 4-6

Latinum - Evan Millner's Latinum is the best Latin podcast on the web.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, experiences, findings, etc., and help me to make excellent materials for bringing the standard of Latin and Ancient Greek to a very high level indeed.

Many thanks to all who are supporting this project, and the kind help that has been offered. Not everything here is perfect, but I am striving to improve the materials, just as I hope you are striving to learn the ancient tongues of Greek and Latin as well as you can (and as I myself continue to do so).

If you wish to contact me, please email me at: seumas at
Alternatively, I am usually happy to chat on Skype
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